CHUYA-DEN Project Overview

CHUYA-DEN Project Overview

What the CHUYA-DEN Project sees

Challenges you face when creating an animation in Japan

Existence of anime aimed only at a very narrow segment of fans

High barrier to create Japanese original Anime to show globally

A new project

to conquer these challenges is

The CHUYA-DEN Project!

Getting budget through crowdfunding

Getting the budget through global promotion “crowdfunding”

“crowdfunding “ Getting monetary investment or support from the general public on different projects.

Appealing globally on a on-going work to gather fans
Asking the fans for support on the work which themselves want to see

The fans will be able to experience connection with the creators and directors and may get
rewards(gifts) exclusive to crowdfunding

A system of having strong connection with the staff & members to create a work together

For animation creation, crowdfunding is very effective anda new possibility for Japanese animation of
present and future

Aiming toward using this new possibility is
The CHUYA-DEN project