Connection of the work="MOON PARTY"


Connect with many people and our works to attract more attention!

Let us all transmit each other's info and do a"cross promotion"!

⇒This can done by “MOON PARTY”!

Moon Project- Cross promotion project (Details)

【What we ask you to do】

1.Provide us with the URL where your work is being shown

⇒On the special page for CHUYADEN, your link and article will be uploaded to create
“MOON PARTY= Link of the art works”
For international release, English translation is scheduled to be done

2.Creating article about moon party

⇒On your original HP or SNS, writing about the MOON PARTY will be the step for

By connecting each other and work, have more opportunities to expose our works!

Please participate by clicking the "like" button on Facebook and send us your supporting messages!

【Other contact 】

We hope you can join us!