Masaya Tsutsumi

Indies film director

Masaya Tsutsumi

2009 feature film"LAST MEMORY: Which one is your last memory" Director and Screenplay (12th KyotoInternational Student Film festival award winner)
2011 feature film"Solaria Vision de Aimasho" Director and Screenplay
2012-2013 Online Drama " Genjitsu kakucho Smaho Kamen" series Director and Screenplay ( Achieved 1.2million yen on Crowd Funding "Motion Gallery" for future episodes

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■Supporting comment■
I myself, though it being a different genre between live action film and animation, I am creating my work while seeking a new system on a relation between the creator and the audience. As day and night cannot be separated, major movie and indies movie does not have a clear boundary and by bringing in what is good on both sides will perhaps create a great work after all. I am cheering that a project which goes through the new horizon will become one of the success stories.