Seiji Okuda

Animation artists/novelist/project planner

Seiji Okuda

Enters the world animation through the classic "TETSUJIN 28GO", After working with TCJ, TATSUNOKO PRO, he entereed ART FRESH ( GISABURO SUGII as the supervisor, and Osamu Dezaki departing from MUSHI PRO, the first independentanimator specialized studio in Japan) as an animator, and became freelance as an animator, director, and story board writer In Lupin the 3rd, he joined the storyboard from episode 2. He has worked as storyboard writers on greats of "Heidi, girl of the Alps""A dog of Flanders""3000leagues in Search of Mother". Later on he joined the newly established JCGL. While receing lectures from New York Polytechnic University, he taught operaters, the hard and soft skills were too early at the time as the JCGL disbanded. Afterwards he concentrated on his work as creator. Being series director, original planning, novels and comic novelist, gaming videos, and on the development of the first play station, he joined as a director of animation Currently he is work on his own pace as storyboard writer fro animations, games, etc… He has also worked on game movie "ASURA's WRATH", "SANGOKU MUSOU""One Piece KAIZOKU MUSOU 2". In 2009, he become supervisor for Ankama of France, and from 2010 as the special lecturer of Tokyo Polytechnic University. Became the 2013 and 2014 Anime Award's special judge.

Choujyuukijin Dankuda Director
○Choujyuukijin Dankuda Director
○Yokoyama Mitsuteru's SANGOKUSHI Director
○Original Anime "Dream Hunter REMU" series novelist and director
○From GAKKEN's New book on Historical Figure's Imaginary War Script " Super sized Air Craft Carrier YAMATO"- co-author for all 8 volumes with Keiichi Mikihara
〇800 storyboard counts as the highest number in Japan : According to data from Mr. Haraguchi

Specific data/ work history on personal HP
The same class as TAKU FURUKAWA in TCJ. The TV producer Seiji Okuda is a different person

■Supporting comment■
I had known YOSHIKO through Tokyo Polytechnic Univ. He is a rare person who has a vision expanding globally, and has potential. As Japanimation is being praised, it is degrading at the same time. I do not think 3D is superior and there are bigger potentials for 2D. The awareness of 1.4billion chinese youngsters and the passion of youth of Asian and European countries toward anime is amazing. I hope the young power will break through the occluded anime industry. I am cheering YOSHIKO and his team for the lust for new animation work.