Q: Do you accept thoughts and comments about the work?
A: We appreciate your thoughts and comments to be sent to the following link.

Q: When is the CHUYA-DEN expected to be finished?
A: We are aiming to finish it within 1 year after acquiring the needed fund. The status of the project will be announced on Facebook or on this site.

Q: What is the theme?
A:The theme is “awareness”. In all 4 episodes, the characters will become aware of what they never had in mind and grow up.
We are creating this animation in hope that through this work,
all of our supporters will take a new step just as the characters do.

Q: Can I put pictures or video of the animation on my homepage, blogs, SNS?
A: It is possible to post the CHUYA-DEN project on purpose of PR or widespread. If you have any question, please refer to the following link.

Q: I have some interest in the Sun-Project and Moon Project.
A: Please contact us through the link below. We will promptly send you some documents on these projects.

Q: What is a crowdfunding?
A: This is how creators, etc ask the general public through internet to ask for investment or support on a target/purpose to realize an idea or work.
It is getting popular among creators to collect investment.

Q: What are the special awards (gifts) you could get only on crowdfunding?
A: DVD with limited edition disk jacket, art book, spin-off cartoon, limited edition goods and many more.
Perhaps even a chance to participate in the art work as a character? Stay tuned!

Q: Tell me how to invest in the project.
A:Thank you very much. Please contact us through the following link.